... Summer 2017 !

Our team

We are 18 volunteers coming from different fields of study and work, all united around the same project: showing short films that will make you discover unknown subjects, people, or cinematographic forms. This team is overseen with a benevolent yet merciless eye by Margo Gilles Cantereau, the president of the non-profit Cinésept's festival division.

You might have been in contact with some those excellent people; these are the members of our team :

The association Cinésept, which has been declared in 2003, aims at the promotion, broadcasting and production of events and activities linked to cinema. In other words, Cinésept brings together students willing to jointly practice activities relating to cinema be it movie making (production division), critical writing (press division) organizing a festival (festival division) or simply group screening (cineclub division). The members of this non-profit are not only part of the film studies curriculum of Paris Diderot University since Cinésept extends to other universities bringing together students specialized in linguistics, history or scientific studies.

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