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Hysterical return


The Inconnu Festival was born in 2003 at Denis Diderot University – Paris 7. It’s already a curious and peppy baby who is mainly interested in independent short films. This is this hunger for independence which expresses itself when at only five years of age the Inconnu leaves the family nest to go on living at his friends’; that is to say the Filmothèque du quartier latin and the cinema La clef – Image d’ailleurs. The following year, the festival has a great idea since he decides to throw a big party and organizes for the first time in his history an award ceremony and a buffet.


The Inconnu Festival drinks too much champagne in 2008 hence the fact that he doesn’t wake up in time for the 2009 Edition. However, this pause allows him to come out of his chrysalis refreshed and full of new perspectives. He lands at the Péniche Cinema where festival-goers are invited to enjoy between screenings an exhibition getting together works coming from the Ecole Nationale d’Art Paris-Cergy. They are also encouraged to dream with a professional storyteller or to listen to a concert with the Freaky Frog band. The event is even the topic of a television broadcast of the MCE channel.
Each year equals an innovation. With this in mind, the 8th edition decides to create the 48h Concours. Competitors have 48 hours to write, direct, edit and send their short film according to constraints picked at random. The Festival, because of his unlimited curiosity, can’t help but open his selection to all kind of short films productions not limiting himself to self-produced movies as he did before.


The 2012 Edition took place at the cinema Chaplin (Ex-Saint-Lambert). The public, back again with us, flooded the movie theater to live a fulfilling, surprising and entertaining experience. The selection put together a wide range of genres from social fiction to science-fiction along with animation or comedy. Mirroring this diversity, the spectators were coming from different horizons: each screening united people of all ages, students, residents or beginners.
For his 10th anniversary, the Inconnu Festival has decided to develop audacious partnerships, to launch himself into the quest of the Internet and to mix a Concours of amateurs with his screenings.

Key-figures :

11 years
80 shorts films received in 2008, 330 in 2012, 800 in 2014
From April the 27th to April the 30th 2014
0€ : tickets price

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