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2014 Jury

Simon Roca

Simon Roca is well known for his collaborations as a chief operator with Antonin Peretjatko, the director of La fille du 14 juillet. He has collaborated in many short films as Papa Oom Mow Mow and Un toit pour mes vieux os.

Ludivine Saes

Ludivine Saes has worked as a film editor on many french serials: R.I.S Police scientifique, Falco and Profilage. She is currently working such as a reader for the CNC and continues her work as a film editor.

Benjamin Dupas

Benjamin Dupas began his carrier as a teacher before writing stage plays. In 2005 he wrote his first screenplay. He worked on the TV series Un village français, Kaboul Kitchen and began the writing of a new series : J-C 1er.
He also created in 2008 the SAS, a group of professionnal screenwriters whose goal is the constitution of a common language.

Sylvia Filus

Sylvia Filus, composer, wrote for all kinds of musical groups and many songs for short and long films, such as Le Bout du monde, by the Moroccan film maker Hakim Noury, or the silent film : Le Danseur de Jazz, following a Sacem’s contest. She wrote commissioned songs for solists, teachers and orchestras, such as The Chamber Orchestra Sinfonietta Nordica or the Symphonic Obligato. Finalist of the International Music Prize for Excellence in Composition in 2010, she received the Trophée de la Réussite au Féminin that same year. In 2014, her Toile d'araignée is played by The Solisti Veneti Orchestra, conducted by Claudio Scimone, at the Spring Concert in Padoue, Italy. She also participated in the B.O. Concert for the UCMF’s (Film Music Composers’ Union) 10th birthday at the Grand Rex in Paris.

Nathalie Lapicorey and Zeynep Gizem De Loecker

Nathalie Lapicorey and Zeynep Gizem De Loecker are both producers working in the short films section of Partizan Films, a production company. They produced together awarded short films such as Zygomatiques and Shunpo. The Partizan Films production company is well known for producing Michel Gondry’s and Quentin Dupieux’s films.

Jean-Pierre Duret

Jean Pierre Duret is a sound engineer who has worked with many directors, as the Dardenne brothers, Agnès Jaoui or Arnaud des Pallières. His work Michael Kohlhass has been rewarded in 2014 by the Best Sound César. He also directed documentaries with Andrea Santana. The last one, Se Battre, was released in France on March 5th.

Benjamin Chartier

Benjamin Chartier is a french chief operator who has worked on several films (short and feature-length films), video clips (Amel Bent, Tryo), publicities and documentaries. His most recent pieces of work are a short film: Garçonne, and a feature-length film: La Duchesse de Varsovie.

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